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How Many Pallets Can You Fit Inside a Shipping Container?

Ideally, when selecting either a 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft container, it is important to fit pallets tightly to maximise the amount of cargo you can transport during ocean freight shipping.

There are currently two types of pallets that are widely used, ‘EUR Pallets’, also known as ‘Euro-Pallets’, and ‘Standard Pallets’. Euro pallets are usually the most widely used pallet, and it is estimated that 450-500 million are in circulation across the globe. Both Euro and Standard Pallets are 1200mm in length, however a Euro Pallet is 800mm in width in comparison to a Standard Pallet which is 1000mm wide.

How many pallets can you fit inside a 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft & 45ft container?

10ft container: Length: 9ft 2ins. Width: 7ft 7ins. Height: 7ft 9ins.

20ft container:Length: 19ft 3ins. Width: 7ft 7ins. Height: 7ft 9ins.

40ft container: Length: 39ft 4ins. Width: 7ft 7ins. Height: 7ft 9ins.

45ft container: Length: 44ft 5ins. Width: 7ft 8ins. Height: 7ft 10ins.

10ft Containers

10ft Container Holding 5 Euro Pallets

10ft Container Holding 4 Standard Pallets

20ft Containers

20ft containers can fit 10 Standard Pallets and 11 Euro Pallets.

20ft Container holding 11 Euro Pallets

20ft Container With 10 Standard Pallets

40ft Containers

40ft Standard Container Carrying 24 Euro Pallets

40ft Container with 20 Standard Pallets

45ft Containers

45ft Pallet Wide Container Filled With 33 Euro Pallets

45ft Pallet Wide Container with 26 Standard Pallets


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