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Shipping Container Ireland Northern Ireland


We provide shipping containers for sale and hire across Ireland and Northern Ireland

We can source, supply and deliver a wide variety of shipping containers for a range of end purposes including storage, temporary accommodation and conversions. Whatever your shipping container requirements we have a solution.  

Shipping Container Ireland Northern Ireland

We offer all sizes and shipping container types for short or long term hire. You can choose from a range of sizes at the lowest prices. We also offer the choice to purchase any of our shipping containers.

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Perfect temperature 

controlled shipping container storage solutions between -40°C and +45°C. The cold storage containers are suitable for pharmaceutical products. 

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Insulated and heated shipping containers are an ideal solution for temperature sensitive stock offering climate controlled storage year round and a robust defence against damp and condensation.

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We specialise in modifying shipping containers into a variety of options; offices, retail units, workshops and numerous other bespoke solutions. Our converted shipping containers are versatile, modern and durable. 

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Hire shipping container  site cabins, toilet blocks, changing rooms, canteens and more. All of our products come as anti-vandal units for maximum security - perfect for building sites and temporary offices.

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If you would like to discuss your shipping container requirements, or have any questions, our team would be delighted to assist. Please get in touch or fill out our contact form below -

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