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How to Prepare a Shipping Container Foundation

A common question when it comes to shipping containers is 'How do I prepare a foundation for my shipping container?' Here, we're going to explain why a good foundation is important and how you can prepare one for your unit.

A firm, level ground is the most important element to ensure prior to your shipping container being delivered. If the ground is not level there is a chance of the container doors being extremely difficult to open and close. So, what do you put under the container?

Concrete foundation

If you have the facilities, space and funds for a solid concrete base, this could be a great option as you are guaranteed a long lasting, even foundation.

Concrete blocks or flagstones

For some, hardstanding ground is not an option - so a great alternative which works for containers that are to be used for storage are concrete blocks or flagstones. These can be placed in each corner of your container to create a level surface.

Railway sleepers

Another popular option similar to concrete blocks and flagstones is railway sleepers. These would be placed on the floor from corner to corner and would ensure that the corners of the container don’t sink into the ground. Whilst this is an effective, long lasting option, it is sometimes best to use thinner individual supports to make sure you can adjust each corner accordingly to avoid any of the issues mentioned above.

However you decide to prepare your land for the arrival of a container, you also need to ensure that the site is easily accessible for an artic or rigid lorry, and that there will be plenty of clearance around the container to allow for the doors to be opened.

Remember, drivers cannot deliver over fields of grass so it is important that you discuss your access and other requirements with us if you are considering purchasing a shipping container


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