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Three Cool Ways to Enhance Your Land with a Shipping Container

Shipping containers have a multitude of uses. Transporting goods is regarded as their main purpose, however there is so much more that can be done with the humble container.

Here at, we provide a variety of sizes and types to customers across the UK, and have a vast repertoire of bespoke container projects under our belt, from holiday accommodation to entire food and drink villages.

For landowners, containers are a brilliant investment. They are strong, wind and water-tight, cost-effective, secure, and can be modified to suit your requirements.

Self-Storage Solutions

The demand for self-storage space has increased over recent years, with the UK now in fact making up 41% of the European self-storage market. We supply shipping containers to multiple self-storage companies across the UK, enabling them to meet growing customer demand and expand their businesses.

Setting up your own self-storage firm could be a great way to utilise any spare land you have in order to create an additional revenue stream.

Bespoke Lodge

In 2018, we transformed a 30ft x 12ft steel container into a beautiful nature-inspired lodge. Cladding was added to the exterior to obscure the steel, and the interior was installed with an open plan lounge/kitchen area, spacious bedroom and high-spec bathroom.

Easily replicated, the design is suitable for camping, glamping and caravan sites of various sizes, or even as an extra area of living space outside of the home.

This bespoke lodge service is available for all with full control of the size and finish of the lodge. Each lodge is built to current building regulations, fully insulated with Rockwool insulation, and fully electrical certified and NIC, EIC accredited.

Container Kitchens

Container kitchens have quickly gained popularity with restaurant owners and small businesses due to their affordability, adaptability, and capability to be customised to the owner’s requirements.

The advantages of container kitchens are plentiful. High rental costs are avoided, units can be relocated if needed, and businesses can rest assured that they are being environmentally friendly as they are simply repurposing a container that has already been built.

On another note, shipping containers are being utilised as a vehicle for ‘vertical farming’, a movement in which produce is grown indoors under LED lights, and packed tightly in a highly controlled environment. This method is climate resilient, removes the need for pesticides or harmful chemicals, and can use up to 95% less water than outdoor farming.


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