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What Benefits Does A Roller Door Container Offer?

A popular modification on container conversions, roller shutter doors provide easier access and heightened security to any unit.

Due to their lightweight and compact structure, roller shutters are easier to open in comparison to the traditional cargo doors that can be found on shipping containers.

Because of this, many customers opt to replace these doors with roller shutters or have them installed on the long side to provide additional or wider entry points.

This allows for easier, quicker, and more efficient loading of goods and is especially beneficial when it comes to placing and removing wide or heavy pallets.

Installing a roller shutter in lieu of cargo doors or doors on side opening units, means that the space the container takes up when open doesn’t increase. This is particularly useful when working space is limited, as the shutter simply rolls up inside the unit.

For containers that have been modified to serve an alternate purpose such as converted offices, shops or bars, shutters can also act as a cover to provide extra protection to doors or windows when the unit is not in use.

Roller shutters are available in a variety of sizes and can go up to approximately 20ft in one continuous span.

Shutters that span more than 10ft are operated electronically by a remote or key switch, and sizes smaller than this can be operated manually or electronically, although the latter is more expensive.

Roller shutters are lockable, safe, and secure, making them a great solution for multiple business purposes such as warehouses, workshops, garages, and storage units.

Available in numerous finishes, with galvanised steel being the standard choice, customers can upgrade to insulated aluminium, or plastisol for less industrial applications.

Cost effective and long lasting, roller shutters are a useful extra to consider before purchasing a container and can be installed on both one trip and used units.


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