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What Does New 'One Trip' Grade A Shipping Container Actually Mean?

Referring to One Trips as ‘new’ gives the impression that containers will be in a pristine condition, when the units have been subjected to wear and tear during transport.

A One Trip container is a newly built unit that has completed one international journey from the factory it was built in (most commonly China) to its destination country.

To keep the cost of moving the container to the UK to a minimum, the unit will be fully loaded with goods and then emptied once arriving at a UK port.

As these containers have spent more than six weeks on a ship and will have been picked up, moved around depots, and stacked several times before being delivered, there may be minor scrapes, dents, or scuff marks internally and/or externally.

However, these minor issues fall within our quality tolerances for a One Trip Shipping Container.

You could find:

• Minor scrapes or scratches externally and or internally

• Minor denting externally and or internally

• Minor scuff marks on the floor, walls and or ceiling internally

We try as hard as we can to ensure that all containers arrive to our customers in the best condition possible, however when containers are loaded, unloaded, moved around ports, and transported by ship, train, and road, they are vulnerable to general wear and tear.

On a more positive note, all our One Trip Shipping Containers are built to an extremely high specification making them the most secure, long lasting, and cost-effective shipping container money can buy. Our One Trip units come with a range of useful features including 14 air vents, easy opening door handles, PU coated floors, grease nipples and a lockbox as standard.

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